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By KANERE staff writer, January 2019

A motorbike driver was killed on January 14th 2019, along the paths that connect Kalobeyei Settlement and Kakuma four area. The deceased was identified as Adelin Nkeshimana, a Burundian national and a refugee registered under UNHCR protection. He had been living in Kakuma refugee camp – in Kakuma 3, Zone 1, Block 6 since 2016 when he arrived in Kakuma after escaping violence in his home country. (more…)

Community App Built for Kakuma and Kalobeyei Refugees

Posted in Education, Humanitarian Services, News Updates by KANERE on July 31, 2019

By KANERE staff writer July 2019

Refugees in Kakuma and Kalobeyei will soon have access to a new smartphone application designed to increase access to critical information despite high data costs and poor network coverage. RELAY is a community app developed by REFUNITE, an NGO that is best known for its use of phone technologies to reunite families separated through forced displacement. (more…)

Powerful Winds Demolish House, Kills a Child

Posted in Human Rights, News Updates by KANERE on July 31, 2019

By Baluu Wol Makuach, KANERE Reporter, March 2019

During heavy winds, a house in Kakuma 1, Zone 4, Block 6 collapsed, killing a two-year old boy identified as Daniel Deng Majok and causing serious injuries to another young baby who were playing outside the house. (more…)

Child found dead with missing body parts

Posted in Human Rights, News Updates, Peace and Security by KANERE on July 31, 2019

By KANERE staff writer, February 2019

A shocking murder occurred at Kakuma Four (near Zone 1, Block 9), where a 3-year-old (approximate) male of unknown nationality was found dead and lying on the ground in the bush.  (more…)

Water Shortage in Kakuma Camp

Posted in Health, Human Rights, Humanitarian Services, News Updates by KANERE on July 31, 2019

By KANERE Staff writer, April 2019

The Kakuma refugee camp has been hit by a shortage of water since January, forcing camp residents to wake in the middle of the night to queue with their jerricansat community water taps for morning collection. Although water shortages have become the norm during dry seasons, the current shortage is worse than usual. (more…)

Gang Rape Reported in Kalobeyei Settlement

By KANERE staff writer, February 2019

A South Sudanese woman was allegedly raped in her house in Kalobeyei settlement on the night of February 3rd, 2019 at 1:00am when two unknown attackers armed with crude weapons entered the house. They had followed the woman as she returned from her relatives’ house, where she had been visiting and watching television. (more…)

I am not a Failure

Posted in Arts by KANERE on July 31, 2019

By Okelo Sejo KANERE contributor, April 2019

With all due respect
Am not a failure
Failure is an event
Not a person in fact
To be precise its a line
Of graduation right below pass
And its not a virtue (more…)

Letter from the editor

Posted in Letter from the Editor by KANERE on December 31, 2018

Dear KANERE readers,

I was recently speaking to a friend who was unfamiliar with KANERE. I described the newsletter as “unique,” and when asked what makes KANERE different from other publications in Kakuma, my response was quick: its independence. There are a number of so-called “refugee magazines” that operate in the camp. They are branded with the refugee label but are run by humanitarian agency staff like Film Aid. These organizations are funded by the UN Refugee Agency, and it is in their interest to shape the portrayal of refugee camps in Kenyan and international media to convey a “humanitarian-positive” view. Such narratives are not attuned to the perspectives and opinions of refugees themselves. This is how KANERE is different: its independence allows it to attend to refugees’ interests in a manner that is not mediated by agencies and external institutions.

Of course, there have been hurdles in sustaining this publication. When I moved from Kenya to Canada in 2017, most of my former responsibilities were passed to the incoming editor Elias Lemma. Elias then left for the US shortly thereafter under the refugee resettlement program. This was welcome news and a positive turning point in Elias’s life, as he had remained in Kakuma for nearly 15 years, despite his critical protection needs as an exiled journalist. But these transitions caused some setbacks, interrupting the smooth operation of the newspaper. Nonetheless, the KANERE team remained passionate about their reporting tasks. In early 2018, Elias transferred the editorial roles to G. Ibrahim, who is currently the managing editor of KANERE, leading the team of young and dedicated refugee journalists and reporters in Kakuma.

For refugees who are largely dependent on aid rations for survival, life in a camp like Kakuma is a series of ups and downs. The very existence of the camp, established in 1991, is a failure of the international law and a tacit acceptance of refugee warehousing. But within this context, there have been both positive and negative developments in terms of service delivery and the pursuit of durable solutions to the protracted displacement. This issue provides a lens on several of these developments.

The implementation of an innovative technological application of refugee verification known as Kiosk to Access Services and Information (KASI) has supported communication between refugees and agency staff. Agencies are promoting KASI as a way to allow refugees to access key information in their files. But for many refugees, lack of mobile phones and computer literacy remains a challenge.

The repatriation programs for refugees from Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi continue to provide a means for people to return to their countries of origin. These programmes are intended to be implemented strictly on a voluntary basis, but for many refugees’ personal and social circumstances, these countries remain unsafe for return.

Along with several other stories, we have also included a security update pertaining to the death of two refugees by gunshot wounds in Kakuma, which followed incidences of alleged robbery by violence.

As always, we welcome comments, opinions, criticisms and expert contributions to our editorial section, which can be submitted to us at kakuma.news@gmail.com.

As we move into 2019, Happy New Year from all of us at KANERE!


Qaabata Boru, Elias Lemma & G. Ibrahim
KANERE Editorial Team

Quotes of the months for August, November – December Edition 2018

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on December 31, 2018

“When they arrived, they were many, they carried big sticks, and they used force. I was bleeding from my head as a result of the beating,”
– Leader of Refugee Flag Kakuma told KANERE in an interview on the scene/”LGBTIQ protest interrupted by violence outside UNHCR sub-office”

“It is just another bureaucracy,” Said Henrik, a community leader who spend more than 25 days waiting to meet the agencies officials to receive his number,”
– Henrik a refugee community leader told KANERE/”Using Tech to Bring Services closer to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Camp”

“after they killed him, they took his phone and money from his pocket.”
– Close relative to Deng told KANERE/”Violent Robbery Results in Refugee Death”

“I thought my refugee status would be determined within a year after arrival. but this has not been the case at all,” he explained. “I was denied opportunities because my status determination was incomplete, and people I met at UNHCR were not helpful,”
– Tamiru an Ethiopian asylum seeker with her experience of RSD rejection/”Refugees receive RSD letters from RAS”

“The two clans belong to Luo Nuer, and the reason for the fight was recycled from the last year,”
– Explained community security worker Gat Dak in Kakuma 4/”Two killed in communal violence”

“The programme is comfortable and its really helpful”
– Jilo one of the beneficiaries from refugee community/ “SNHU Global Education Movement (GEM) and Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) Introduce New Programme for Kakuma Residents at Student-Employer Networking Event”

“They told me to call someone with computer skills after finishing the two steps process. It takes more than a week to find help because I do not have the computer skills to schedule my own appointment,”
– Explained an Oromo refugee, who wishes to remain anonymous at the field post Centre two/”Using Tech to Bring Services closer to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Camp”

“Matom was imprisoned in a murder case, but the person who impregnated his sister has fled from Kakuma. The girl is in UNHCR protection area with her child,”
– John Sudanese youth leader told KANERE/”Two killed in communal violence”

Using Tech to Bring Services closer to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Camp

Posted in Education, Humanitarian Services, News Updates by KANERE on December 31, 2018

By Qaabata & Tolossa – KANERE journalists

Kakuma residents are now able to use their mobile phones to communicate with UNHCR staff and schedule appointments. (more…)

Violent Robbery Results in Refugee Death

Posted in Human Rights, News Updates, Peace and Security by KANERE on December 31, 2018

By Ibrahim – KANERE reporters

One refugee killed by gunshot and a dozen injured by gunmen in Kakuma. (more…)

LGBTIQ protest interrupted by violence outside UNHCR sub-office

Posted in Community and Culture, Education, Health, Human Rights, News Updates, Peace and Security by KANERE on December 31, 2018

By Ahmed & Mohan – KANERE reporters

At least 20 refugees injured as LGBTIQ demo turned violent outside the UNHCR compound in Kakuma. (more…)