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Quotes of the months for August, November – December Edition 2017

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on February 11, 2018

“The police are supposed to solve land conflicts and refer the case for resolution. However, if the police see money in the conflict, they take bribes from both parties. The winner is often the one who paid more,”

– says a refugee with experience in shelter disputes/ “Kenya’s black market in “refugee real estate”

“I counted ten bullets holes in his body, two on the neck,” a close relative of Saladhin told KANERE,”

– a close relative of Saladhin told KANERE/ “Political refugee killed by Kakuma police”

“I am in fear for my life, and I am not sure what to do with my business,”

– Farhan told the KANERE journalist at his shop in November/ “Refugee business entrepreneur facing life threats”

“I was trying to resist and I got one of them down but when the other hit my head with a sharp machete, I fell down,”

               – Ali told KANERE/ “Refugee man shot and wounded”

“I heard him crying and asking for mercy for more than ten minutes, then gun rumbles followed,”

–  an anonymous witness told KANERE/ “Political refugee killed by Kakuma police”

“As a single mother, i needed more than the food supplied by the UN. So, i came up with this plan of baking and selling biscuits,”

                   – explains Axlam, a Somali woman living in Kakuma/ “Kenya’s black market in “refugee real estate”

“Land allocation is a big factor but we’re determined to see peaceful co-existence between the refugees and local community,”

– claimed Governor Nanok speaking at a previous World Refugee Day event/ “Refugee business entrepreneur facing life threats”

“We gathered at the scene of murder, we were shocked and nobody can question the police action,”

                 – a Sudanese local elder addressed the mourning crowd/ “Political refugee killed by Kakuma police”

“I was beaten in the market by local women (Turkanas) for a reason not known to me,”

               – Felicia, a business woman in Kalobeyei told KANERE/ “Refugee business entrepreneur facing life threats”

“I was on the ground, then the trio move backwards and one of them fired the gun at me. That was all I could remember,”

               – Ali told KANERE in an interview/ “Refugee man shot and wounded”


Quotes of the Month for August, October – December edition

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on December 31, 2016

“We welcome the announcement to reconsider the closure of camps and we hope repatriation remains voluntary for all Somali refugees,”

– A Somali community leader told KANERE/ “Closure of Refugee Camps”


“They were diagnosed with second degree burns which were generalised over the body in addition to inhalation burns,”

– Reads a doctor’s statement found by KANERE at Nairobi National Hospital/ “Mother and son died in arson attack”


“If my personal information and location are identified, then my life will be in danger,”

–  A refugee who refused to expose his nationality said at the verification’s field post one in the camp/ “Refugee Verification Exercise”


“She told me that I don’t have any legal right to discuss this case of the accident with their office, that as a South Sudanese, that I don’t have any right,”

                 – Emmanuel Adah, Beatrice’s father said he had been intimidated by the Film Aid Official in an interview with KANERE/ “NGO vehicle knocked down a refugee child”


“Each day we do a daily show at different places all over Kakuma and we will deliver laughs and we love to see people laugh,”

                   – Gabi Winter, an actress told the KANERE reporter at camp 3/ “Resilience in Laughter”


“This is quite unique and we feel concerned about the security issues for the refugees,”

– Somali refugee leaders told KANERE at field post two/ “Refugee Verification Exercise”


“I heard some commotion, I ran out of my house only to find my daughter lying by the road side with blood oozing from her head,”

– Dola Beatrice’s mother told KANERE in an interview/ “NGO vehicle knocked down a refugee child”


“I feel happy to attend the shows and it boosts the amount of sleep, it feels happy in my mind,”

               – Shukria, a young Somali woman remarked/ “Resilience in Laughter”


“I arrived in Ifo camp in Dadaab in 1994, since then I never moved out of here. I can’t return because it’s not safe now,”

               – Abdallah Hajji told KANERE/ “Closure of Refugee Camps”


“The amazing thing with the physical comedy is that you can reach people across language barriers. I still have images of laughing audience flashing across my eyes when I go to sleep,”

– Henrik Bothe told KANERE in an interview/ “Resilience in Laughter”


Quotes of the months for November, December – January Edition 2016

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on February 13, 2016

“When they entered into the Mosque, their aim was to kill us. We don’t know why,”

– Said Karra, a Darfurian man/ “Refugees seized a gun from robbers”


“The lorry was taking a wrong turn at high speed when the accident happened,”

             – Obang, an eyewitness, told KANERE/ “Accident in Kakuma 3”


“I was hit with a rod on my knee and another attacker pulled my leg while a man with gun and another attacker started beating my husband,”

                 – Latifa narrated her nightmare/ “Attacked and gang raped”


“WFP and UNHCR started providing refugees with 100 shillings on a monthly basis. Was it helping refugees or punishing them?”

– Mohammed, a community leader, Kakuma 2/ “Community Talking Point: The Introduction of Bamba Chakula”


“A nurse administered quinine to the kid and before it finishes, another nurse added more quinine leading to drug overdose,”

– Said Erick who is an area resident/ “Child negligence”


“I run with my children, my husband went to bush and he never returned,”

– Mrs. Deng told KANERE/ “Signing of Peace Deal in South Sudan”


“I was issued with the SIM Card by WFP but I don’t have a phone. I never received the secret PIN from them and my family missed the voucher over 5 months now. Any help?”

– Mulki Jamal, Kakuma 4 area/ “Community Talking Point: The Introduction of Bamba Chakula”


“The driver deliberately forced his way into the river as both the passengers and road user are shouting to him to stop, we blame him,”

                 – Jamal Farah a member of the victims’ family told KANERE/ “Four Died in Flood”


“It was after a long struggle inside the Mosque that we are able to seize the gun from thieves and two others escaped,”

– Ranna said in an interview with KANERE/ “Refugees seized a gun from robbers”


“It was devastating to see women and children stranded and starving in the bush and along the border points,”

– KANERE’s reporter at Nadapal/ “Signing of Peace Deal in South Sudan”


“We blame the staff at the clinic for negligence on my child,”

                 – Esinyen told KANERE in an interview/ “Child negligence”


Quotes of the Month April – July 2014

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on August 16, 2014

“We’re Ethiopian refugees, we’re not Somali and we’re not terrorists. We had proof of our identities but there’s even no law that protects us,”

                 – Abdikadir told Kanere in an interview/ “Deportation of an Ethiopian refugee to Somalia”

“We are targeted for nothing, you can’t look for terrorists in this manner, we are not terrorists,”

                 – Sheik Mohamed told Kanere in an interview/ “Police torture in Eastleigh”

“We answered ‘No’ to the radical question from the lawyers and we’re immediately forced to the entrance and denied entry that afternoon. We’re not give a chance to express ourselves, this is not the UNHCR that the world thinks of,”

                 – K. Mabior, a former interpreter/ “Refugee interpreters on protest”

“Today, we joined the international community and over 45 million people uprooted by war, conflict and persecution. It’s an international obligation for everyone to support refugees,”

                 – US Ambassador Robert Godec/ “World Refugee Day 2014”

“I was at the water point when a group of my clan men alerted us about the spreading fight, we all ran to collect our babies,”

– Ayier Adual told KANERE / “Dinka clans in conflict”

“The villages were attacked during the nights with artilleries and dangerous roaring machine guns, this terrorized the children and even animals,”

– Lost Boys Chairperson said in a statement at Kakuma/ “The Lost Boys of Sudan”

“Any refugee found flouting this directive will be dealt with in accordance with the law,”

– Kenya Interior Minister, Joseph Ole Lenku ordered refugees to go to camps/ “Kenya against the Refugees”

“Some members of the Oromo were arrested at a Mosque after night prayer and charged at the court offensively,”

– Oromo block leader told Kanere/ “Police harassment in Kakuma 1”

“I was at the age of four when my parents were killed. I got separated from my uncle but lived among other kids,”

– Jacob Deng a survivor told Kanere/ “The Lost Boys of Sudan”

“The fight broke out in the day and I am arrested at the night while in my residential plot. I don’t belong to Diauechuk nor Ayuel. Is this just?,”

– Asked JK during interview/ “Dinka clans in conflict”

“These actions are too brutal but we have learnt to accept it and life goes on. The nights were human ATMs while the day remains the malls hunting, therefore we opt to close our shops when we see the police,”

– Imran Hussein, a business woman, disclosed to Kanere/ “Kenya against the Refugees”

“This is the business center with electricity and cafes, it’s not clear why police are beating and just arresting anyone since June,”

                 – A Sudanese Nuer leader remarked/ “Police harassment in Kakuma 1”

“We had much expectation of practical changes on food, protection and durable solutions which are not coming,”

                 – Waqo an Oromo Ethiopian supposed/ “World Refugee Day 2014”

Quotes of the Month January – February 2014

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on March 12, 2014

“I was running, stepping on the bodies of the people lying, some are in their last minutes dying. I don’t know what would happen to them,”

– Chuol Ajak, a Dinka newly arrived southerner, told Kanere at Kakuma 4/ “The Fate of South Sudan”

“This is a good reminder that culture is not really static. While their different songs embody a particular worldview, they seemed united by a common thread; joy was that common thread,”

–  Father Paul Vidal, a Jesuit priest/ “Turkana Wedding Ceremonial”

“We are asking humanitarian support to save the lives of the thousands who are displaced and living in hunger,”

– Turkana County Governor – Josphat Nanok told Kanere/ “Alarming human disaster in Turkana”

“This thing is illegal but we don’t get enough food for children, do we eat stones to live?”

– a woman who wished to remain anonymous stated at Kakuma 1/ “Police raid on illicit brews”

“I was at the scene, the place was very noisy and crowded with drunkard people, and the child was stabbed with a sharp knife and died,”

– A Lotuko woman told Kanere/ “Murder scene at Kakuma 1”

“I was flabbergasted. I never imagined this could happen, I never lit the fire and we didn’t even cook a breakfast that day because there is no food in the house,”

                   – Anger Dowel, a South Sudanese fire victim told Kanere at Kakuma 2/ “Fire Outbreak”    

 “I barely escaped death, in some towns like Bor and Jonglei people are identified by ritual marks and killed,”

– Duop Nhial – a South Sudanese Nuer new arrival – told Kanere/ “The Fate of South Sudan”

 “The child is our pupil who is learning in standard 2 West, the incident happened outside the school compound but we felt strongly sorry about it,”

– A school teacher at Jabel-Marra primary told Kanere/ “Murder scene at Kakuma 1”

“They told us they wanted to be baptized in the Church and become deacons. Since that day, the boys brought many other friends, neighbors, and family members to join the Church,”

– Father Fikremariam, a Monk at the Medhanealem Ethiopian Orthodox church/ “Turkana Wedding Ceremonial”

 “I did not prepare these drinks, it was not mine, I was brought to police station after they beat me,”

                   – The accused, Susan Etati – claimed to have been charged unfairly, she told Kanere/ “Police raid on illicit brews”


Quotes of the Month November-December 2013 Edition

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“We could not establish the cause of the fire and had no knowledge why the kid’s mother had tied her son in chains except that the boy had mental problems,”

– local security guard told Kanere/ “House fire killed three children”

“We have already taken over the full responsibility for the RSD process from the UNHCR,”

– DRA official in Kakuma office disclosed/ “RSD Transition”

“These forums will target largely the new arrivals among others to enlighten them on the laws as per the Refugee Act, their rights and obligations,”

– Martin Pepela – Programme manager RCK Kakuma – told Kanere/ “RCK’s Legal Awareness Forums”

“I was born in Kenya (Malindi) but my parents came from Kismayo. I am living with nine members of my family in Kakuma. I have never been to Somalia and all I know is about Kenya but despite the fact of owning a nationality by virtue of birth I don’t have a Kenyan Citizenship. The repatriation of Somalis could be premature. The country is not safe or stable. It might have improved by 50% but it’s not the right time to return refugees into that war-torn place. I think the refugee leaders should be allowed to go and see and return mission to understand current situation of peace in Somalia. Therefore, while life in exile is unpredictable the Somali refugees should not be forced to return to Somalia,”

– Ahmed Yusuf, a student at Bor-town secondary school/ “Community Talking Points: Somali repatriation”

“Most of the locals have guns because the two counties share porous borders with Uganda and S. Sudan where they import the firearms from,”

                   – a North Pokot government official said in a comment/ “Pokot militia besiege Turkana villages”

“Refugee communities tremendously thanked your advocacy role and provision to accompany and protect refugee rights in Kenya,”

–  a Congolese Zone 3 refugee leader recognized/ “RCK’s Legal Awareness Forums”   


“I ran out of my house due to huge smoke and I saw the house was burning from its roof,”

– Mohamed Qarnole/ “House fire killed three children”


“My habitual residence was in Gedo before I fled to Kenya in 2000. The peace in Somalia is still in the hand of the terrorist groups, thus I can’t go back now. The solution would be to make the ground safer for the returnees. People should be able to have access to social needs such as the rights to education, health care and food security. Therefore the International community should facilitate a better structured security for the returnees. You should not just decided to throw people like stones into the desert and watch them dying shamelessly. It may not add value to humanity,”

– M. Said, a social worker with LWF/ “Community Talking Points: Somali repatriation”


Quotes of the Month October – November

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on November 30, 2013

“The return of Somali refugees must be voluntary, conducted in safety and dignity.”

– The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Mr. Guterres told Kenyan officials/ “Somali Repatriation”


“We call upon the members of the community to maintain peace, it is unfortunate a child was involved whenever fights broke out,”

– said an LWF peace building official/ “Inter-communal conflicts”

“I was arrested together with 20 others, we had documents but police wish to verify all identification papers,”

– a Somali woman told Kanere in an interview/ “Refugees are not Terrorists”

“Kenya is a fair country in terms of refugee protection and to KANERE, the services we offered are pro bono,”

– said Advocate Rahma Jillo/ “KANERE – Registered as an NGO”


“The needs assessment was conducted in 2009 and the first intake in liberal studies was in 2010 where 27 students were able to graduate,”

– Elizabeth Lock, JC-HEM Coordinator, JRS Kakuma/ “Diploma Graduation Ceremony”

“There are 15,000 persons who have not reported to collect food rations, meaning these individuals are not in the camp,”

– a UNHCR official commented in a statement at FDC 3 in the Camp/ “Classified Finger Printing”

“Id is a great day. We should be sharing whatever we have with the most vulnerable and needy members of the community,”

–  urged a Sheikh at a mosque in Kakuma 1/  “Muslims Mark Id-Ul-Adha”

“There’re many courses offered online, after three years, it becomes real to accomplish. Despite a lot of burning heat, I made it here”

                   – Said Ahmed Biwaye, one of the graduates/ “Diploma Graduation Ceremony”

“Surrounded with atrocities, harshness and hardship in the line of war, killing fellow human beings breaks my heart,”

– A Former Sudanese War Child was quoted at a Concert in the Camp/ “Emmanuel Jal’s visit to Kakuma”


“There are 160 Nuer which outnumbered only 20 Murle arrested in masses but released after strong warnings,”

– said a government official commented/ “Inter-communal conflicts”  

“I felt humiliated in the cell, I was not given time to speak out before being released with a fine of Kshs 6,000,”

– A tired and hungry sheik told Kanere/ “Refugees are not Terrorists”

 “Kanere News is a platform that does not only cover the refugee issues but includes the marginalized host communities of Turkana. It’s an initiative to be funded equally,”

– said a Turkana District information officer/ “KANERE – Registered as an NGO”

“We’re not ready to go back to Mogadishu, our community is not prepared for it either, it’s not yet safe,”

– M. Gabo a Somali refugee told Kanere/ “Somali Repatriation”

“The refugees felt insecure and harassed to have to present their fingerprints to collect the rations,”

– a refugee zonal leader told Kanere/ “Classified Finger Printing”

Quotes of the months January to June 2013

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“I started living in this camp from 1997 under plastic tents; we don’t want to live for another 16 years again. What is the meaning of permanent shelters in 2013?”

– Aziza Zenawi said in an interview/ “From Tents into Permanent Blocks”


“It’s complicated, the attackers are southerners who are masterminded by David Yau-Yau who is Murle by tribe rebelling against the government of South Sudan,”

– Peter Lam told Kanere outside UNHCR premises/ “Kakuma Camp Continues to Receive New Arrivals”


“I felt the rain was too strong with flooding, since the time I started living in Kakuma, it never rained like that day,”

– said an eye witness who saw the corpse lying swollen in the river/ “At least six died in Kakuma floods”

“All the assistance provisions were insufficient and irregular rations coming at an intervals of three to five months. We lost six members who died due to starvation in the past,”

– Luomeyana Ekomuwa IDPs leader/ “Marginalized IDPs in Kakuma”

“The security officers visit my store and demand bribes on daily basis,”

– Abdulrizack Mohamed told Kanere at 6th Street in Eastleigh, Nairobi/ “Government Crackdown on Refugees”

“Without any word, they got into the bus and warned everyone to produce their identity, no sooner, they started calling us Al-shabaab and ordering the bus driver to take us to the Eldoret Police Station,”

– an anonymous Somali refugee told Kanere/ “Somali Dayah Bus with Passengers on Board Arrested in Eldoret Town”

“My village was attacked in the dead of the night, I was raped; other children were abducted, I managed to escape,”

– a South Sudanese rape victim/ “Kakuma Camp Continues to Receive New Arrivals”

“I know some of the people who killed my brother, I saw people killed with machetes,”

–  an anonymous IDP member/ “Marginalized IDPs in Kakuma”


“I was in a refugee camp for the last 20 years, while about 20% arrived later; in Dadaab, a person can be killed in the market without finding the killers.”

– Fara Ibrahim a refugee leader of transit group/ “From Tents into Permanent Blocks”

“From what I witnessed, I have learnt that more than seven refugees have so far died in floods in Kakuma,”

– A Somali refugee leader at Kakuma1 Zone6 said in an interview/ “At least six died in Kakuma floods”

“I paid Ksh. 3,000 to a police officer for consideration and another officer re-arrested me. Even after a night in the prison, we contribute money to receive receipts of cash bails,” said an Interviewee who requested to remain anonymous/ “Somali Dayah Bus with Passengers on Board Arrested in Eldoret Town”

“I can’t bear the high humidity under the tent, it burning my soul, it’s too bright outside, waiting next step in life,”

– said a Ugandan two weeks old in Kakuma/ “Kakuma Camp Continues to Receive New Arrivals”

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Quotes of the Months for August to December 2012

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“A man hit me with the sharp point of a gun on my back and ribs. I screamed loud, he started lying down on me; I could hear people shouting all over…”

– Wami Ali a Somali rape victim said in an interview/ “Somali women raped at gun point”


“We don’t give information to journalists. Are you ‘atananyeche?’… Are you a journalist?”

– Said a police official in a very intimidating way to Kanere/ “Guards: Stop Exploitation and Abuse!”

“Refugees need to have a work permit to claim a right to work. The government of Kenya has not given refugees permit to work in the camps or urban areas.”

– Paul an incentive worker/ “Refugee employment process and mode of payment”


“We know we are survivals of the bad politics that have troubled Rwanda ever since. It is not about who is in power, it’s about our security issues back home and even here. Unfortunately we do not decide on our fate but a Rwandan requested ‘Cessation Clause’ will determine.” 

– Said Mutsinzi Elias a Rwandan refugee/ “Rwandan refugee to lose ration cards”

“They beat all of us; Feisal was bleeding on the head before they fired two bullets.”

– A victim’s brother in tears/ “Refugee protest following insecurity situation”

“He is coming with a gun demanding my daughter; are they here to protect us or they exploit us?”

– A victim’s mother/ “Guards: Stop Exploitation and Abuse!”

“We always have problems when it comes to shelter allocation and water rationing because each block doesn’t have its own water point.”

– A refugee leader explained at Camp 1/ “Refugee Election in Kakuma”

“I was not in protest, I was beaten while crossing the road to other street.” I know the police officer who beat me, I am in fear.”

– Fatuma told Kanere speaking at camp hospital/ “Refugee protest following insecurity situation”

“I tried to plead, but those men are cruel, my kids were helpless.”

– Habbi Moha a rape victim told Kanere/ “Somali women raped at gun point”

“Leaders are only puppets, this is like blindfolding leaders, are we silent but keen on this game, we shall see if the change claimed will benefit the community or cause negative petition.”

– Said Nyial a refugee leader/ “Refugee Election in Kakuma”

“Please, we appeal to our friends not to accept any politician’s apology when things have gone wrong in Rwanda. There could be no genuine reason for Rwanda to initiate the cessation to us. Animal in the forest is protected but we Rwandans even when we flee for our lives we are handed over to one who is hunting us!”

– Said Jean Biragoye, an NGO staff/ “Rwandan refugees to lose ration cards”

“I have not seen my sister for two years now. Do we have a right to know if she is dead or alive?”

– A Victim’s relative appealing to Kanere journalist/ “Guards: Stop Exploitation and Abuse!”

“Election for the zonal management committee started in December. We’re yet to elect the camp leader, there’s a lot of delays and confusion.”

– An electoral committee member told Kanere/ “Refugee Election in Kakuma”

Quotes of the month for March to June 2012

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“We were told to build walls 3 months ago; my children are still living in the tent. The sun is burning in this plastic,”

– H. Biyamungu, who arrived in February/ “Increased camp Population”

“In Kenya refugees have rights. We advocate that their legal protection is upheld while they live in Kenya,”

– RCK local NGO Manager/ “World Refugee Day”

I arrived in Kakuma on 3rd July 1992. I feel like I have lived for 100 years in the camp. In such life, one cannot view life in other end except UNHCR. A life where one depend worse of all.

– Lueth M. a primary school teacher/ “Community Talking Point”

“I fled from Mankeen in Unity State when I heard gunshots in the dead of the night, that morning we were also bombed by military plane,”

– Nyakwoth a south Sudanese new arrival at DRA office/ “Increased Camp Population”

“At the moment there’re already two wells dug. Oil resource will be a national wide development. Bi-lateral understandings with investors are already on,”

– Mr. Wekesa Wafula – Turkana District Information Officer/ “Oil Discovery in Turkana”

“We have reported the matter but the police here were not serious with their job. We don’t trust them either,”

– An anonymous Nubian youth/ “Sudanese inter – community conflict”

“We have asked UNHCR about the lack of bumps on this road. Security patrol vehicles are always over speeding yet there not been insecurity alarm every hours of the day. It scares everyone,”

– A Somali refugee leader in Kakuma 1/ “Road Repair in Kakuma”

“We don’t keep data of natural calamities. Ten people may get drowned but we might only receive three bodies,”

– affirmed a clinical official at the IRC/ “Drowning”

“Today reminds refugees of our flight. It is very sad that we had no option in life, however, I am thankful about the support both UNHCR and Kenya government is providing,”

– Abdikadir M. a Somali refugee leader/ “World Refugee Day”

“I was freely walking from church. I was beaten by 6 Nubians. I will not be happy in my life now,”

– Yom B. a victim of conflict/ “Sudanese inter – community conflict”

“I was using motorbike. It suddenly landed me in a ditch. My mouth hit a hard ground and I lost two teeth,” 

                  – Lami, N. a Sudanese woman at Kakuma 1 zone 3 block 6/ “Road Repair in Kakuma”

Refugee Day should be commemorated in a special way by giving refugees special gifts or special food ration during the distribution cycle rather than inviting them to dance, I hate that practice.

– Ingabine Rose a Congolese/ “Community Talking Point”

“The good result was as a result of hard work. Our pupils were also serious,”

– Chala head teacher at Lokitang School/ “A camp primary school emerged best in KCPE 2011”

Quotes of the Month (Nov 2011 – Jan 2012)

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on April 16, 2012

“No one assisted me when I fled, likewise when Rwanda is safe for me; I may not need UNHCR assistance to go back.”  
– J. Clare, Rwandan Female Refugee/ “The Rwandan Refugee Cessation Clause”

“Our security is bad; I don’t know why they killed my brother. We can’t live here like this every day after Dadaab camps.”
– Ahmed .M., Brother of the Victim/ “Murder at Kakuma2”

“They woke me up, then one of them put a gun near my neck and told me to choose death or produce money.”
– Sija, Ethiopian Male Survivor/ “Violent Robbery in Kakuma1”

“The security situation is fine, police patrols are on 24 hours and local refugee guards are also in liaisons with security agencies.”
– A.C., Anonymous Security Official / “Murder at Kakuma2”

“The bus was speeding and overloaded at the time of the accident, that was what I can recall.”
– Tura, Ethiopian Refugee/ “Tragic Accident”

“He slapped me and pinned me down on the floor. I couldn’t allow him to… I’d prefer to die than to be raped before the eyes of my own brother.”
– Mita, Ethiopian Female Survivor/ “Violent Robbery in Kakuma1”

“He has no mercy; he used to beat people like dogs at food distribution centers. We know him for bad things, now he has caused problems for our people.”
– David, Sudanese Group Leader in Zone2/ “Late-Night Brawl sends Infamous Police Officer to Hospital”

“There have been delays in the entire process, but new leadership camp elections are expected by March 2012.”
– Mohamed, Somali Electoral Committee Member / “Refugee Camp Election”

“I asked the police to explain what crimes were committed by my daughter. She was locked in for 8 days. But I was not informed of anything. The police officer told me to go and pay the fine for her release but I didn’t have money that week.”
– Hoden, Parent of Saira/ “Late-Night Brawl sends Infamous Police Officer to Hospital”

“It is written on paper, but how practical will it be? Let’s see what happens.”
– Marx, Primary School Teacher at Kakuma2/ “Refugee Camp Election”

“We should be consulted. We are human beings, what good do you think you do for refugees when we don’t see you doing it the right way?”
– Anonymous Refugee Shop Owner/ “Camp Planning and New Addressing System”

 “I had no control, I breastfed my baby before the house collapsed. The quick sleep overtook the baby and her elder sister who was also in the house due to the hot sun outside. I was frightened by the sudden collapse.”
– Mother of the late Niyomuremyi Blandine / “Collapsed Shelter Kills Infant, Injures Another”

“I was shocked to hear my children drowned a short time after having lunch together. I could not believe it when I found them already dead!”
– Sara, Mother of the Drowned Children/ “Two Refugee Children Die in Seasonal River in Kakuma”

“Exile is a different world. We’re merely alive and only better than death. We are not living normal life.”
– Elias Lemma, Ethiopian KANERE Journalist in Exile / “World Journalists meet at CPJ International Conference”

Quotes of the Month, 2011 (Feb – June)

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on August 21, 2011

“The 1951 Convention refers to specific economic and social rights to which refugees are entitled, including the rights to gainful employment and education. The Convention also says that refugees are to be accorded the same treatment as nationals with respect to rationing system and public relief and assistance (arts. 20, 23).”

– 1951 Geneva Convection/ “Pay raise and termination targeting refugee incentive staff at Kakuma”

“As critical thinkers and journalists, we see these threats to KANERE’s operations as delegitimizing our voice. We seek a better approach for making inquiries into and achieving resolutions to KANERE’s cases with the police.”

– E.T., a member of Kanere’s Editorial Board/ “Escalating insecurity at KANERE”

“We shall have to make changes together. I want you to be the people who will transform and change your life for the better. Big responsibility lies in your hands. This tour aims to encourage all young people to speak for ourselves, for our world and for the provision of our needs,.”

– Monique Coleman in her speech at Kakuma / “Un Youth Champion visit to Kakuma”

“We have done so much together. I arrived in the camp when security was bad, when refugees were not able to sleep in their homes in peace but now they can have serenity in their homes.”

– Dr. Mohamed Qassim, UNHCR Head of Sub-Office Kakuma/ “World Refugee Day 2011”

“We are guided by laws to ask any question to any one.”

– A police officer in an interrogation of the KANERE Press Editor/ “Escalating insecurity at KANERE”

“Our shelters were made of mud and so they are in bad condition. If this rain continues for the next two days then all muddy shelter and makuti-roofed houses will be considerably damaged.”

– Mohamed Juma, a community leader in Kakuma one zone two/ “Kakuma draughts and floods”

“We used to have armed robbers attacking camp residents in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Currently the camp is free from attacks due to the collaborative work of security agencies. The camp is patrolled 24 hours to keep criminals out.”

– District Commissioner on behalf of the Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration / “World Refugee Day 2011”

“I saw a UNHCR official from community service who was adding new messages about the work of the field post on the boards and walls. Contrary to reality, that was to show visitors how things are done here for refugees.”

– M.S., a Somali refugee in block 8 zone 2/ “Un Youth Champion visit to Kakuma”

“The situation for youth is unbearable in Kakuma as most young people have dropped out of school and have become involved in risky activities and behaviors.”

– Z.M., a staff member of LWF Youth Development office / “Un Youth Champion visit to Kakuma”

“All parents wish to be paid salaries instead of incentives so they can have their children’s education paid for and can ensure that their children can access quality education that is not currently provided in the camp.”

– J.M., a health worker in Kakuma one/ “Pay raise and termination targeting refugee incentive staff at Kakuma”

“Refugees in the camp are not suffering people who ask for money. They are powerful and strong.”

Jesper Bertelsen in an interview with KANERE journalist/ “Art on the Run”