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Refugees seized a gun from robbers

Posted in Kakuma Town and Kenya, News Updates, Peace and Security by KANERE on February 13, 2016

Darfurian refugee men seized an AK47 rifle from identified members of the Turkana community in Kakuma.

The incident happened in the night of 18th October, 2015 when a group of local Turkana men approached Kakuma two zone one block seven with evil intent.

The men broke into the home of a Congolese family in the camp at 20:00 hours and started beating, looting and terrorizing the family at gunpoint.

In the next thirty minutes, three attackers proceeded to the Darfurian community where they started attacking people who were leaving Rahma Mosque after the conclusion of the evening prayer.

According to two Darfurian men, Ranna and Karra, the attackers dashed into the Mosque and started beating some worshipers and pointing a gun as if ready to fire. “We were three of us in the Mosque when a gunman and another with a crude weapon entered the Mosque”, said the Imam.

Some people who saw the intruders outside the Mosque escaped from the scene when they realized that the robbers were armed with weapons. “When they entered into the Mosque, their aim was to kill us. We don’t know why” said Karra.

The two Darfurian men engaged in physical battle with the armed robbers inside the Mosque in order to save their lives and seized an AK47 Rifle from the bandits.

In the process of the fight Ranna sustained injuries on the forehead, a knife cut on the left hand, a cut on the right ear and bruises on other body parts while his partner Karra sustained injuries from a knife on the left hand, a sharp cut on the right hand and bruises on the neck, according to the medical examination report seen by KANERE.

Ranna and Karra were able to disarm a local man after the gun in his possession was not able to fire the bullets. The two other attackers escaped the scene after they recognized that they were outnumbered. “It was after a long struggle inside the Mosque that we are able to seize the gun from thieves and two others escaped.” Ranna said in an interview with KANERE

Home to the two Darfurian refugees

Home to the two Darfurian refugees who seized the gun from the robbers. Photo/Kanere

The gunman who was later identified as Ekai Naokuot was arrested by police and held at Kakuma police station with the AK47 rifle as an exhibit. Ekai was taken to the court and charged with preparation to commit a felony and possession of a firearm under case file number 823/280/2015 – OB 34/18/10/2015. The court hearing, which was planned for 25th October 2015, did not take place. The victims are waiting for the next court hearing which was not yet scheduled. However, by the middle of January, police are still hunting for other culprits who organized the attacks.

The refugee men sought treatment at Kakuma refugee hospital the following morning and were escorted by the police officers to Kakuma Four police base, where they recorded a statement. Both men expressed security concerns for their lives and their families. They stated that the local people were out for revenge as they knew their homestead and that they were monitoring them in the camp. “We are in fear of a retaliatory attack by local Turkana men who know our residence” Ranna told KANERE. “We have been displaced and fearful. Our situation is bad because we are well known by other members of the local Turkanas.”

“I have small children, everything is difficult and we are not yet assisted by UNHCR” Karra told KANERE in an interview.

Ranna and Karra fled from Darfur in 2008 and 2010 respectively following a violent conflict that forced them to flee their homes. They are currently living in fear after being attacked in the camp.

*Names and dates are changed in order to protect the victims.

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