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Community Talking Point: Introduction of Bamba Chakula

Posted in Community and Culture, Humanitarian Services, Opinion by KANERE on February 13, 2016

KANERE talks to beneficiaries of food aid in Kakuma: What do you think about the introduction of Bamba Chakula by World Food Program (WFP)? Their perspectives illustrate the range of public opinion about the new system of food distribution in the camps.

“WFP and UNHCR started providing refugees with 100 shillings on a monthly basis. Was it helping refugees or punishing them?” – Mohammed, a community leader, Kakuma 2.

“I was issued with the SIM Card by WFP but I don’t have a phone. I never received the secret PIN from them and my family missed the voucher over 5 months now. Any help?” – Mulki Jamal, Kakuma 4 area.

“Our finger prints are being scanned to collect rations but it was not clear why every NGO is trading scanned finger prints of refugees? There is no proven security protection and we don’t know if refugees’ finger prints are transferred outside the camps.” Anon UNHCR interpreter, Kakuma.

“I was wondering as to why the WFP should not add food in the basket instead of hiring artists or musicians with huge sum of money to come to Kakuma in order to foster campaigns on Bamba Chakula and yet refugees slept on empty stomach?” Abdisalam Hassan, Kakuma 1.

“Since the Bamba Chakula was introduced there have been at least five protests at the UNHCR compound. Are you really aware?” – Kakuma 1 block leader.

“There’s been refusal to put into the consideration the plight of unaccompanied minors on Bamba Chakula. Hundreds of minors don’t have mobile phones.” – Sudanese leader, Kakuma 4 area.

“Refugees have had protests over missing food rations when the SIM Cards failed to work because of not being activated by WFP or UNHCR. This is the reason why the majority of the camp residents opposes the introduction of Bamba Chakula, people also view this as a new form of business by the Service providers” – Atolia, Somali Bantu, Kakuma 3.

“The introduction of Bamba Chakula SIM Card based system doesn’t work in every food distribution, that’s why we have emerging complaints from the refugees.” – Anon staff of food advisory committee, WFP Kakuma.

“I have participated in two protests at the UNHCR compound and we were beaten by GSU police officers. My SIM Card failed to work and there was no feed back until today.” – Sudanese protester, Kakuma 1.

“The idea of the new system is good but it’s a very slow process to be modified. Many refugees don’t have knowledge of how to operate phones or store their secret PINs – thus problems are repeated and not fixed in time” – Norwegian staff, Kakuma.

“This is a new system of trade in a refugee camp that would most likely benefit some people!” – Amina Farah, Nairobi.

“What percentage do WFP pay to Safaricom for the service? If the services are not being rendered for free, then it’s most likely that the aid money is being misused.” – Hassan, LWF Primary school teacher, Kakuma 2.

“Bamba Chakula is okay if SIM Cards are provided with phones because the system can not work if the SIM Cards are offline” – Yonas, Kakuma 1.

“We don’t have money to buy extra phones! This is a difficult system compared to receiving food in the Distribution Centres” – Ayuel, Kakuma 2.

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