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Child negligence

Posted in Health, Kakuma Town and Kenya, News Updates, Peace and Security by KANERE on February 13, 2016

A Turkana child died from drug administration in Kakuma medical clinic.

On the 16th January, 2016 at around 14:30 a child died at Winas Medical Clinic in Kakuma township, while undergoing treatment for malaria. Residents have blamed the death on negligence by the medics at the clinic.

According to Esinyen, the child’s mother, she brought her five years old son to Winas Clinic and Pharmacy at about 14:00 hours. The boy was immediately diagnosed with malaria and given a dose of quinine, while another medic later gave an extra dose of anti-malarial to the same child, who died at around 14:30.

The child’s parents have accused the Winas pharmacy and clinic of causing the death of their child. “We blame the staff at the clinic for negligence on my child.” Esinyen told KANERE in an interview.

“A nurse administered quinine to the kid and before it finishes, another nurse added more quinine leading to drug overdose,” said Erick who is an area resident.

A crowd of angry local residents collected aiming to burn down the pharmacy. The Kenya police officers who arrived at the scene were forced to fire bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd, who were throwing stones both at the police officers and the private pharmacy.

Several people were affected by the tear gas. “I was on the street when a huge commotion took effect. Police spread tear gas across the street and it affected my eyes.” James told KANERE. Tension remained high throughout that weekend and businesses were closed as the traders feared looting.

KANERE attempted to get clarification about the incident from the Winas Clinic but found that the Pharmacy has been closed down since then.

Two medics at the clinic have been arrested as the police continue to investigate the circumstances that led to the child’s death.

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