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Quotes of the Month October-December 2014 edition

Posted in Uncategorized by KANERE on December 25, 2014

“I doubt whether any humanitarian NGOs were able to document the killings that took place. We lost six refugees killed and thousands displaced from the Great Lakes community,”

                 – a Congolese humanitarian aid worker told Kanere/ “Violence in Kakuma Kills 20”

“This initiative aims at supporting the spontaneous return movement we have observed since 2012 and at better targeting the assistance needed by those opting to return to their places of origins to rebuild their lives,”

                 – Raouf Mazou, Representative of UNHCR Kenya/ “Repatriation of Somali Refugees”

“As camp refugees we are entirely depending on the rations for survival, now that it’s cut, then refugees are at risk of starvation,”

                 – A refugee camp leader told Kanere/ “WFP to cut food rations”

“We are not seen as useful members of the communities, but we are people with brain and soul,”

– Abdinasir Mohammed, chairperson of the disabled group in Kakuma 1/ “International Day of Persons with Disability”

“Earlier on, it was with luck that a group of six administration police officers came to rescue the people but they were outnumbered,”

– Abdiweli Osman, a Somali refugee/ “Passengers Taken Hostage at Kainuk, Turkana”

“I’ve personally visited the ‘Hongkong’ police post over the rape case but police didn’t act responsively,”

– a Nuer refugee leader in Kakuma 1 told KANERE/ “Violence in Kakuma Kills 20”

“As a result of insufficient funding, the WFP has been forced to reduce food rations for over half a million refugees living in the Dadaab and Kakuma camps by 50 percent,”

                 – Challiss McDonough, WFP’s regional spokeswoman/ ” WFP to cut food rations”

“Kakuma is not a good place for anyone to live but the disabled people have lost hopes,”

– says 34 years old Mukishimana, a disabled person from North Kivu, Congo/ “International Day of Persons with Disability”

“We are not sure of where to go and what we are required to do. I don’t know what amount of support is available for my family!”

– Ali Ibrahim Mohamed from Dadaab’s Ifo 2 camp/ “Repatriation of Somali Refugees”

“In the first week of violence at least 10 refugees were killed from South Sudan, the situation worsened in the second week and we lost 11 refugees from different nationalities,”

– a leader from the Dinka community told Kanere in an interview/ “Violence in Kakuma Kills 20”

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