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Quotes of the Month April – July 2014

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on August 16, 2014

“We’re Ethiopian refugees, we’re not Somali and we’re not terrorists. We had proof of our identities but there’s even no law that protects us,”

                 – Abdikadir told Kanere in an interview/ “Deportation of an Ethiopian refugee to Somalia”

“We are targeted for nothing, you can’t look for terrorists in this manner, we are not terrorists,”

                 – Sheik Mohamed told Kanere in an interview/ “Police torture in Eastleigh”

“We answered ‘No’ to the radical question from the lawyers and we’re immediately forced to the entrance and denied entry that afternoon. We’re not give a chance to express ourselves, this is not the UNHCR that the world thinks of,”

                 – K. Mabior, a former interpreter/ “Refugee interpreters on protest”

“Today, we joined the international community and over 45 million people uprooted by war, conflict and persecution. It’s an international obligation for everyone to support refugees,”

                 – US Ambassador Robert Godec/ “World Refugee Day 2014”

“I was at the water point when a group of my clan men alerted us about the spreading fight, we all ran to collect our babies,”

– Ayier Adual told KANERE / “Dinka clans in conflict”

“The villages were attacked during the nights with artilleries and dangerous roaring machine guns, this terrorized the children and even animals,”

– Lost Boys Chairperson said in a statement at Kakuma/ “The Lost Boys of Sudan”

“Any refugee found flouting this directive will be dealt with in accordance with the law,”

– Kenya Interior Minister, Joseph Ole Lenku ordered refugees to go to camps/ “Kenya against the Refugees”

“Some members of the Oromo were arrested at a Mosque after night prayer and charged at the court offensively,”

– Oromo block leader told Kanere/ “Police harassment in Kakuma 1”

“I was at the age of four when my parents were killed. I got separated from my uncle but lived among other kids,”

– Jacob Deng a survivor told Kanere/ “The Lost Boys of Sudan”

“The fight broke out in the day and I am arrested at the night while in my residential plot. I don’t belong to Diauechuk nor Ayuel. Is this just?,”

– Asked JK during interview/ “Dinka clans in conflict”

“These actions are too brutal but we have learnt to accept it and life goes on. The nights were human ATMs while the day remains the malls hunting, therefore we opt to close our shops when we see the police,”

– Imran Hussein, a business woman, disclosed to Kanere/ “Kenya against the Refugees”

“This is the business center with electricity and cafes, it’s not clear why police are beating and just arresting anyone since June,”

                 – A Sudanese Nuer leader remarked/ “Police harassment in Kakuma 1”

“We had much expectation of practical changes on food, protection and durable solutions which are not coming,”

                 – Waqo an Oromo Ethiopian supposed/ “World Refugee Day 2014”

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