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Quotes of the Month October – November

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on November 30, 2013

“The return of Somali refugees must be voluntary, conducted in safety and dignity.”

– The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Mr. Guterres told Kenyan officials/ “Somali Repatriation”


“We call upon the members of the community to maintain peace, it is unfortunate a child was involved whenever fights broke out,”

– said an LWF peace building official/ “Inter-communal conflicts”

“I was arrested together with 20 others, we had documents but police wish to verify all identification papers,”

– a Somali woman told Kanere in an interview/ “Refugees are not Terrorists”

“Kenya is a fair country in terms of refugee protection and to KANERE, the services we offered are pro bono,”

– said Advocate Rahma Jillo/ “KANERE – Registered as an NGO”


“The needs assessment was conducted in 2009 and the first intake in liberal studies was in 2010 where 27 students were able to graduate,”

– Elizabeth Lock, JC-HEM Coordinator, JRS Kakuma/ “Diploma Graduation Ceremony”

“There are 15,000 persons who have not reported to collect food rations, meaning these individuals are not in the camp,”

– a UNHCR official commented in a statement at FDC 3 in the Camp/ “Classified Finger Printing”

“Id is a great day. We should be sharing whatever we have with the most vulnerable and needy members of the community,”

–  urged a Sheikh at a mosque in Kakuma 1/  “Muslims Mark Id-Ul-Adha”

“There’re many courses offered online, after three years, it becomes real to accomplish. Despite a lot of burning heat, I made it here”

                   – Said Ahmed Biwaye, one of the graduates/ “Diploma Graduation Ceremony”

“Surrounded with atrocities, harshness and hardship in the line of war, killing fellow human beings breaks my heart,”

– A Former Sudanese War Child was quoted at a Concert in the Camp/ “Emmanuel Jal’s visit to Kakuma”


“There are 160 Nuer which outnumbered only 20 Murle arrested in masses but released after strong warnings,”

– said a government official commented/ “Inter-communal conflicts”  

“I felt humiliated in the cell, I was not given time to speak out before being released with a fine of Kshs 6,000,”

– A tired and hungry sheik told Kanere/ “Refugees are not Terrorists”

 “Kanere News is a platform that does not only cover the refugee issues but includes the marginalized host communities of Turkana. It’s an initiative to be funded equally,”

– said a Turkana District information officer/ “KANERE – Registered as an NGO”

“We’re not ready to go back to Mogadishu, our community is not prepared for it either, it’s not yet safe,”

– M. Gabo a Somali refugee told Kanere/ “Somali Repatriation”

“The refugees felt insecure and harassed to have to present their fingerprints to collect the rations,”

– a refugee zonal leader told Kanere/ “Classified Finger Printing”

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  1. Hassan said, on December 28, 2013 at 4:08 am

    In short and precised phrases, the quotes of the months inform us about what happening in the refugee communities. I welcome the spirit.

    Good work,


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