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Quotes of the months January to June 2013

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on August 28, 2013

“I started living in this camp from 1997 under plastic tents; we don’t want to live for another 16 years again. What is the meaning of permanent shelters in 2013?”

– Aziza Zenawi said in an interview/ “From Tents into Permanent Blocks”


“It’s complicated, the attackers are southerners who are masterminded by David Yau-Yau who is Murle by tribe rebelling against the government of South Sudan,”

– Peter Lam told Kanere outside UNHCR premises/ “Kakuma Camp Continues to Receive New Arrivals”


“I felt the rain was too strong with flooding, since the time I started living in Kakuma, it never rained like that day,”

– said an eye witness who saw the corpse lying swollen in the river/ “At least six died in Kakuma floods”

“All the assistance provisions were insufficient and irregular rations coming at an intervals of three to five months. We lost six members who died due to starvation in the past,”

– Luomeyana Ekomuwa IDPs leader/ “Marginalized IDPs in Kakuma”

“The security officers visit my store and demand bribes on daily basis,”

– Abdulrizack Mohamed told Kanere at 6th Street in Eastleigh, Nairobi/ “Government Crackdown on Refugees”

“Without any word, they got into the bus and warned everyone to produce their identity, no sooner, they started calling us Al-shabaab and ordering the bus driver to take us to the Eldoret Police Station,”

– an anonymous Somali refugee told Kanere/ “Somali Dayah Bus with Passengers on Board Arrested in Eldoret Town”

“My village was attacked in the dead of the night, I was raped; other children were abducted, I managed to escape,”

– a South Sudanese rape victim/ “Kakuma Camp Continues to Receive New Arrivals”

“I know some of the people who killed my brother, I saw people killed with machetes,”

–  an anonymous IDP member/ “Marginalized IDPs in Kakuma”


“I was in a refugee camp for the last 20 years, while about 20% arrived later; in Dadaab, a person can be killed in the market without finding the killers.”

– Fara Ibrahim a refugee leader of transit group/ “From Tents into Permanent Blocks”

“From what I witnessed, I have learnt that more than seven refugees have so far died in floods in Kakuma,”

– A Somali refugee leader at Kakuma1 Zone6 said in an interview/ “At least six died in Kakuma floods”

“I paid Ksh. 3,000 to a police officer for consideration and another officer re-arrested me. Even after a night in the prison, we contribute money to receive receipts of cash bails,” said an Interviewee who requested to remain anonymous/ “Somali Dayah Bus with Passengers on Board Arrested in Eldoret Town”

“I can’t bear the high humidity under the tent, it burning my soul, it’s too bright outside, waiting next step in life,”

– said a Ugandan two weeks old in Kakuma/ “Kakuma Camp Continues to Receive New Arrivals”

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