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Quotes of the Months for August to December 2012

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on December 28, 2012

“A man hit me with the sharp point of a gun on my back and ribs. I screamed loud, he started lying down on me; I could hear people shouting all over…”

– Wami Ali a Somali rape victim said in an interview/ “Somali women raped at gun point”


“We don’t give information to journalists. Are you ‘atananyeche?’… Are you a journalist?”

– Said a police official in a very intimidating way to Kanere/ “Guards: Stop Exploitation and Abuse!”

“Refugees need to have a work permit to claim a right to work. The government of Kenya has not given refugees permit to work in the camps or urban areas.”

– Paul an incentive worker/ “Refugee employment process and mode of payment”


“We know we are survivals of the bad politics that have troubled Rwanda ever since. It is not about who is in power, it’s about our security issues back home and even here. Unfortunately we do not decide on our fate but a Rwandan requested ‘Cessation Clause’ will determine.” 

– Said Mutsinzi Elias a Rwandan refugee/ “Rwandan refugee to lose ration cards”

“They beat all of us; Feisal was bleeding on the head before they fired two bullets.”

– A victim’s brother in tears/ “Refugee protest following insecurity situation”

“He is coming with a gun demanding my daughter; are they here to protect us or they exploit us?”

– A victim’s mother/ “Guards: Stop Exploitation and Abuse!”

“We always have problems when it comes to shelter allocation and water rationing because each block doesn’t have its own water point.”

– A refugee leader explained at Camp 1/ “Refugee Election in Kakuma”

“I was not in protest, I was beaten while crossing the road to other street.” I know the police officer who beat me, I am in fear.”

– Fatuma told Kanere speaking at camp hospital/ “Refugee protest following insecurity situation”

“I tried to plead, but those men are cruel, my kids were helpless.”

– Habbi Moha a rape victim told Kanere/ “Somali women raped at gun point”

“Leaders are only puppets, this is like blindfolding leaders, are we silent but keen on this game, we shall see if the change claimed will benefit the community or cause negative petition.”

– Said Nyial a refugee leader/ “Refugee Election in Kakuma”

“Please, we appeal to our friends not to accept any politician’s apology when things have gone wrong in Rwanda. There could be no genuine reason for Rwanda to initiate the cessation to us. Animal in the forest is protected but we Rwandans even when we flee for our lives we are handed over to one who is hunting us!”

– Said Jean Biragoye, an NGO staff/ “Rwandan refugees to lose ration cards”

“I have not seen my sister for two years now. Do we have a right to know if she is dead or alive?”

– A Victim’s relative appealing to Kanere journalist/ “Guards: Stop Exploitation and Abuse!”

“Election for the zonal management committee started in December. We’re yet to elect the camp leader, there’s a lot of delays and confusion.”

– An electoral committee member told Kanere/ “Refugee Election in Kakuma”

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