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Quotes of the Month (Nov 2011 – Jan 2012)

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on April 16, 2012

“No one assisted me when I fled, likewise when Rwanda is safe for me; I may not need UNHCR assistance to go back.”  
– J. Clare, Rwandan Female Refugee/ “The Rwandan Refugee Cessation Clause”

“Our security is bad; I don’t know why they killed my brother. We can’t live here like this every day after Dadaab camps.”
– Ahmed .M., Brother of the Victim/ “Murder at Kakuma2”

“They woke me up, then one of them put a gun near my neck and told me to choose death or produce money.”
– Sija, Ethiopian Male Survivor/ “Violent Robbery in Kakuma1”

“The security situation is fine, police patrols are on 24 hours and local refugee guards are also in liaisons with security agencies.”
– A.C., Anonymous Security Official / “Murder at Kakuma2”

“The bus was speeding and overloaded at the time of the accident, that was what I can recall.”
– Tura, Ethiopian Refugee/ “Tragic Accident”

“He slapped me and pinned me down on the floor. I couldn’t allow him to… I’d prefer to die than to be raped before the eyes of my own brother.”
– Mita, Ethiopian Female Survivor/ “Violent Robbery in Kakuma1”

“He has no mercy; he used to beat people like dogs at food distribution centers. We know him for bad things, now he has caused problems for our people.”
– David, Sudanese Group Leader in Zone2/ “Late-Night Brawl sends Infamous Police Officer to Hospital”

“There have been delays in the entire process, but new leadership camp elections are expected by March 2012.”
– Mohamed, Somali Electoral Committee Member / “Refugee Camp Election”

“I asked the police to explain what crimes were committed by my daughter. She was locked in for 8 days. But I was not informed of anything. The police officer told me to go and pay the fine for her release but I didn’t have money that week.”
– Hoden, Parent of Saira/ “Late-Night Brawl sends Infamous Police Officer to Hospital”

“It is written on paper, but how practical will it be? Let’s see what happens.”
– Marx, Primary School Teacher at Kakuma2/ “Refugee Camp Election”

“We should be consulted. We are human beings, what good do you think you do for refugees when we don’t see you doing it the right way?”
– Anonymous Refugee Shop Owner/ “Camp Planning and New Addressing System”

 “I had no control, I breastfed my baby before the house collapsed. The quick sleep overtook the baby and her elder sister who was also in the house due to the hot sun outside. I was frightened by the sudden collapse.”
– Mother of the late Niyomuremyi Blandine / “Collapsed Shelter Kills Infant, Injures Another”

“I was shocked to hear my children drowned a short time after having lunch together. I could not believe it when I found them already dead!”
– Sara, Mother of the Drowned Children/ “Two Refugee Children Die in Seasonal River in Kakuma”

“Exile is a different world. We’re merely alive and only better than death. We are not living normal life.”
– Elias Lemma, Ethiopian KANERE Journalist in Exile / “World Journalists meet at CPJ International Conference”

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  1. kinanthibarru said, on June 24, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Please add me into your list i like it

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