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Quotes of the Month, 2011 (Feb – June)

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on August 21, 2011

“The 1951 Convention refers to specific economic and social rights to which refugees are entitled, including the rights to gainful employment and education. The Convention also says that refugees are to be accorded the same treatment as nationals with respect to rationing system and public relief and assistance (arts. 20, 23).”

– 1951 Geneva Convection/ “Pay raise and termination targeting refugee incentive staff at Kakuma”

“As critical thinkers and journalists, we see these threats to KANERE’s operations as delegitimizing our voice. We seek a better approach for making inquiries into and achieving resolutions to KANERE’s cases with the police.”

– E.T., a member of Kanere’s Editorial Board/ “Escalating insecurity at KANERE”

“We shall have to make changes together. I want you to be the people who will transform and change your life for the better. Big responsibility lies in your hands. This tour aims to encourage all young people to speak for ourselves, for our world and for the provision of our needs,.”

– Monique Coleman in her speech at Kakuma / “Un Youth Champion visit to Kakuma”

“We have done so much together. I arrived in the camp when security was bad, when refugees were not able to sleep in their homes in peace but now they can have serenity in their homes.”

– Dr. Mohamed Qassim, UNHCR Head of Sub-Office Kakuma/ “World Refugee Day 2011”

“We are guided by laws to ask any question to any one.”

– A police officer in an interrogation of the KANERE Press Editor/ “Escalating insecurity at KANERE”

“Our shelters were made of mud and so they are in bad condition. If this rain continues for the next two days then all muddy shelter and makuti-roofed houses will be considerably damaged.”

– Mohamed Juma, a community leader in Kakuma one zone two/ “Kakuma draughts and floods”

“We used to have armed robbers attacking camp residents in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Currently the camp is free from attacks due to the collaborative work of security agencies. The camp is patrolled 24 hours to keep criminals out.”

– District Commissioner on behalf of the Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration / “World Refugee Day 2011”

“I saw a UNHCR official from community service who was adding new messages about the work of the field post on the boards and walls. Contrary to reality, that was to show visitors how things are done here for refugees.”

– M.S., a Somali refugee in block 8 zone 2/ “Un Youth Champion visit to Kakuma”

“The situation for youth is unbearable in Kakuma as most young people have dropped out of school and have become involved in risky activities and behaviors.”

– Z.M., a staff member of LWF Youth Development office / “Un Youth Champion visit to Kakuma”

“All parents wish to be paid salaries instead of incentives so they can have their children’s education paid for and can ensure that their children can access quality education that is not currently provided in the camp.”

– J.M., a health worker in Kakuma one/ “Pay raise and termination targeting refugee incentive staff at Kakuma”

“Refugees in the camp are not suffering people who ask for money. They are powerful and strong.”

Jesper Bertelsen in an interview with KANERE journalist/ “Art on the Run”

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