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Quotes of the Quarter (Nov.Dec.Jan 2010-11)

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on February 11, 2011

2010-11 Winter Quarterly Issue

“My vote is to separate so that South Sudan can stand and rule itself. This is where I belong since before the coming of the Arabs. I better go back to cultivate crops than live this life at the camp.”

– T.M.G., on the South Sudan Referendum

“I ask and encourage our people to come out and vote. It’s clear to say that history has shown the New Identity. We don’t hate the North. We can take the control of our Nation. We can make, break and divide our country. ”

-Philip Deng, SSRC Representative in Kenya on the South Sudan Referendum

“It is not acceptable to kill a friend just for single quarrels. Young men in these communities walk with short knives in their pockets.”

-Refugee community leader on new forms of violence in Kakuma Camp


“We have many disabled and elderly people in this community, but they were not even counted yet. Some of them do not even know their own registration numbers scheduled by the UNHCR on the notice boards.”

-Refugee leader in Zone Five, on problems with the UNHCR verification exercise

“One died and five were injured, but I cannot give names of the passengers encountered in the accident without authorization from the IRC Program Coordinator.”

-IRC National staff during an interview over fatal road accident

“We could not manage to put out the fire. We had plenty of water flowing for four hours over the normal circumstances, and we thank the LWF water department.”

-A.A., eye witness to the blaze that consumed a neighborhood group in Kakuma One

“We need scholarship, but not our location to be known to the Ethiopian Embassy. I wonder if that is what UNHCR should do.”

-Ethiopian Oromo student regarding a scholarship opportunity with mixed benefits

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  1. Bol Nyok Giet said, on July 21, 2011 at 5:19 am

    Oh yes the south Sudan is now a nation but still the southerners turn to be enemies to themselves.Kenyan are good people that rendered all good services to the Refugees .What i would like to lets every one attentive of is that issue of Repatriation ,there should be no reason of repatriating back the refugees to South Sudan because still the situation is indeed very bad that why I need the repatriation not so soon.

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