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No More Bloodshed

Posted in Arts by KANERE on February 11, 2011

Five decades of war

Millions of people lost life

Birds and wild animals feed on

Both old and young suffered in pain

The blood of the innocents flows to the rivers

Let the few liberate for the freedom

No more bloodshed.

Hear the cry! Hear these cries!

Of both windows and orphans

Who are left under the dark jacaranda trees?

The green green grass fields

Becomes the torturing battle field

The meaning of life became meaningless

Let’s unit for national sovereignty

No more bloodshed.


The old house could be seen from afar

Very attractive but with deadly mines

Surrounded by dead corpses

Though the pain is cracked and dry

Down the lane there’s blood flowing

Bedding the green green grass down

Now the fight has to stop, responsibilities come

No more bloodshed.


Away from home to jungles

worry and fears takes gear control

spending sleepless nights, days start and end

when enemies want to do always with life

tired of being lead, massacred, mistreated, injustice

Humiliation, undignified,

As I lay my beneath on green green grass of home land

No more bloodshed.

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  1. mamush said, on April 1, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    can you have any indicater for those who read kanere to give general opinoin about the work,effort and the different news and opinoins would be raised for every catagory articles or newsupdates because it pose be to give is diifircult conditonal of time and other surcumstances.

    Thanks i am proud of you all;pass my greetings and support to all members !!

    Mamush Kanere former journalist

  2. BD4Ww said, on July 16, 2013 at 4:07 am

    Thanks for sharing superb information’s. Your website is so cool. Deng

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