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Letter from the Editor: July-October 2010

Posted in Letter from the Editor by KANERE on November 8, 2010

To all KANERE readers here and abroad:

We are delighted to release this issue. It is tremendous honor to speak on behalf of all the thousands of refugees in camps who don’t have the chance to scream to the world that “Yes, we exist!”

Despite the lack of resources and the funding for the paper, volunteer KANERE journalists always have determination to keep the candle burning!

For the last three months, the life in the camp was marked by high-profile visitors, as the Chief UNHCR High Commissioner Geneva embarked on the second visit to Kakuma Camp since the camp’s establishment in 1992. His visit was marked by the provision of street lights through a community lighting project. Refugees are eagerly waiting the successful start of lighting systems in the communities.

The security of the camp rose and fell at times: a baby boy was killed by a gunshot, while a man was recently killed at Kakuma Four and many others seriously injured following similar attacks.

In Kakuma Town and Kenya, the country had a very successful Referendum that was followed by the promulgation. The country celebrated its first national holiday after the rebirth of the Nation on the 20th October 2010 for Mashujaa Day.

On the international scene, 90 journalists were killed in Mexico’s most deadly area while they were on duty, according to the Media Watchdog Press Emblem Campaign. We send our prayers and solidarity.

Kindly, post your comments and views on our blog or write to the Editor at Kakuma.news@gmail.com.

We believe you will enjoy reading KANERE!


The Editor

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  1. mamush said, on December 18, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    bravoo bravoo i understand your problem but never stop your sacrifice is the word for others.i was ther i know how the UNHCR is ignorant to respect the refugee right by cooperating to detain refuge otherewise no follow up of whenever a refugee killed by gun men.
    th world should shout listenining the refuge has no protection.i am here in usa say freely ,but in kenya i cant dare to write which they say sensetive issue ,we know why reugee killed.

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