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The Murder Case

Posted in News Updates, Peace and Security by KANERE on June 30, 2010

An Ethiopian Turkana lady was found dead locked in the food stored the whole night until the following day.

The lady who was identified as M.M was married to an Ethiopian Refugee and the couple was blessed with two kids. The incident happened early this march within the Ethiopian community. On this material day, the lady left her house to purchase the wheat four and after buying she kept it in a food store claming to collect it in the evening. By time she returned back to collect her items she met the store man closing to go for supper but he allowed the woman in the store and left shortly.

On returning back the man found the woman lying on his bed and he tried talking to her to leave but the woman did not move. She refused to get out and he struggled to force her out and in what was described as a fight the woman died. “I am traveling. None should open my store and interfere. Let me be responsible for it .I have committed a crime and only allow the police to open the doors.” said the murderer speaking on the phone to a neighbour According to the Ethiopian community leader he described that the matter would have never been known to any one until the murderer exposed the secrets over the mobile phone while traveling to escape to Nairobi. in his community.

With the surprise the neighbours to the murderer (M.X) presented that statement to the community leaders who raised the police immediately. When the police officers arrived with their vehicle they were assisted by the local securities. The police could only break into the store and found the dead body of the woman identified as EKALE(deceased). Despite the fact that there was some mess all over the room they did not found any visible injuries or blood stains.

The dead body was taken to Kakuma refugee hospital where it was examined. At the hospital the clinical officer stated that the lady died of internal injuries adding that the she could be harmed by blunt object while speaking on anonymous ground. According to the Father of the children he described his dead wife as a ‘stabon and careless’ towards her family and even her own home severally before the incident. He is taking care of the children who were attending the Tarach pre-school. “She used to drink a lot and had an affair with the store man. she walks in the hands of men immaturely.” said a community member.

A day after the incident the murder was identified and arrested at the Kainuk before reaching Kitale town. He was returned back to Kakuma police station where he was taken through the court of law for trial.

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  1. didich said, on October 6, 2010 at 2:55 am

    Wow!What a horrifying and touching change of event.I send my condolence to the bereaved. Given the full information I wonder who is the one to blame, the store-keeper or the deceased? Help me out if you can.

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