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The Months Of Terror and Other Crazy Observations Around The Camp Communities

Posted in News Updates, Peace and Security by KANERE on June 30, 2010

Man Slaughter: In the Ethiopian community two drunkard refugee men dragged themselves home, where one could barely cut off his friend leg before he was rescued by the neighbors, plus similar other stories…

On Friday night of 26th Feb 2010, a drunkard man who was later identified as (E.B) almost completely slaughtered his own best friend mockingly. As their usual routine, the two went and got drunkard to an extent that one (J.N) could not make it up on finally reaching their home where both were close neighbors as well, as J.N lay flat on the ground, the other E.B who also described himself as a carpenter suddenly got into his work shop to get some tools having fixed his mind that he will slaughter his friend who was unconscious due to the toxic substances of the local brewers in his blood.

The carpenter proudly came out of his workshop to only loudly announce that he would cut the drunkard J.N laying on the ground into two body parts. “I am good carpenter. Now, everyone listen. Don’t blame me for anything. I will cut him equally now.” said E.B amputating the leg of his drunkard friend. Having removed his tools and ready he used the measuring tape, he measured and marked where to cut, he selected the cross cutting saw and began cutting John on his right leg ceremoniously.

John was rescued by his neighbours after learning that the carpenter was going to cut him into pieces.
According to the information submitted by the neighbours they stated the two friends used to drink a lot but they were surprised to witness the real drama unfolding at the night. “When I hear the noise at first I thought of their normal behaviors and I ignored them for some time until the cry was getting loud. I only come out to learn of real slaughter.” said (E.B) in an interview with KANERE journalist.

John was taken to the Kakuma refugee camp hospital and got admitted while the carpenter was taken to Kakuma police station where he spent three days at the police cell. The attempt to interview carpenter failed when police officer commanding the station (OCS) refused.

The two seem to be traumatized living under the refugee camp condition for over 17 years. The incident which was a tragedy for one was a really comedy for others who witness and on the following days after.


A similar incident took place in Kakuma 1 group 58D when a drunkard couple fought to kill his wife A who is husband to N. fought his wife and allegedly hit an axe against her forehead and ribs causing injuries on the face where almost a big portion of a side of the head removed.

The lady was immediately rescued by their neighborhood who separated them and informed the near by local security, in what was described as urgently A. was arrested at Kakuma police. N. was taken by IRC ambulance to the Kakuma refugee hospital where she got admitted before she could bleed to death.
She was later referred to the Kakuma mission hospital under the intensive medical attention. According the medical assessment, N. was informed having some broken ribs besides other injuries on the ribs and forehead. She spent two months in the hospital and got discharged having been better. A.and his wife went to the court on 27th April where A. ended up appealing and begging for the forgiveness to his wife as a family.

N. gave a lasting statement that she has forgiven her husband on his crimes, before the Lodwar magistrate court. On 28th April they came back to the camp where the remaining matters are settled at the community level. They have resumed their normal life as husband and wife.


Hidden violence was exposed when drankardness was seen life threatened to many refugees. The year emerged with the chaos that was classified as domestic violence where E. N got tragic injuries on the morning of the 6th Feb 2010 at 9:00 am.

The husband (Waral) fought and injured her bleeding almost to death, in the process waral cut his wife with a panga across the face where he exposed cheekbone. He advanced dividing her hands along to the pulse according to the information submitted by their daughter of 14years old complaining bitterly over the madly practices by her father. “I did not like the behavior of my dad. I never saw him happy as I grew up in this camp.” said their fist born.

The lady was rescued by the neighbour following her ear piecing scream before she was taken to the Kakuma refugee hospital unconsciously through the help of the Equatorial local securities. The lady was later referred to Kakuma mission hospital where she was bedridden for 2 month.

Waral after knowing of his wife is in a critical condition he used knife and stampeded himself on the neck and he could not kill himself, later he got arrested by police and taken through the court where he was imprisoned at Lodwar. “We are shocked by the injuries caused by her husband. Waral was also taken to imprisonment for the crimes committed and failing to disclose the solid cause of the chaos.” said the Equatorial Deputy Chairman.
According to the neighbours they stated that this couple had regular fights and got stirred horrors in the friends and relatives who thought their colleague would die due to the injuries.

Two months later Elizabeth was discharged from the hospital and could not see well due to the physical trauma. “I’m seriously disturbed by the entirely regular chaos at our home. Though I’m discharged I am experiencing too much headache and I can’t see properly with my eyes.”

As Waral is imprisoned and E. was discharged from the hospital though the secrets behind the conflicts was not yet known to even the court but some of their community members said that the lady wanted to divorce the husband which was a bad taboos in that community.

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