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The MIX ME End Line Survey 2010

Posted in Health, Humanitarian Services by KANERE on June 30, 2010

The mix me end line survey kicked on from the month of February to March this year. As it always used to be the products awareness hits the camps atmosphere targeting women, teenager girls and children including those of the school going in their nutritional clubs within the camps schools. The cohort enrolled in the survey includes 185 girls between the age of 13 to 17 who selected from the 8 primary schools and Kakuma secondary school.

The interviews of the selected girls for the end line survey took place on the morning of the 22nd February. During the interview each girl would be required for an interview period of 15 – 20 minutes where participants were given results of the last survey. Among the greater number of the refugees communities, the survey was targeting the women of the reproductive age.

The nutritional assessment tools like the anthropometric equipments and materials were also used that most likely help in weight, Height and MUAC measurements. “I am happy to know the results of the last year survey, I was also informed that the volume of blood in my body has increased greatly.” said a teenager girl at barel nam girls’ primary school speaking with KANERE during the survey.

According to the mix me objective of the end line survey was to enable survey team to quickly and accurately identify, acute malnutrition cases in Kakuma refugee camp. “Thank you for your participation in the past year survey and continue to use mix me and stimulate others to do so as well.” A mix me Agent speaking with a woman of the reproductive age during the mix me end line survey in Kakuma 1. Where the cases of anemia and acute malnutrition were found the beneficiaries were also referred to Supplementary Feeding Programme (SFP) for women and to main IRC Refugee hospital for proper medication.

KANERE approached the WFP mix me office for an interview severally. “The results of the survey were not ready yet and we can’t give information until we are granted permission from the Nairobi Office.” said National Programme Officer of mix me in WFP to KANERE reporter.

Following the mix me end line survey, it has been found that mix me provision has slowed down accelerating at the Food Distribution Centers (FDC). There could also be likely budget constrain of mix me towards the end of this year.

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