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Quotes Of The Months, June 2010

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on June 30, 2010

“I am traveling. None should open my store and interfere. Let me be responsible for it .I have committed a crime and only allow the police to open the doors.”

-Y.M., A murderer speaking on the phone to his neighbour fleeing to away after the crime

“We are shocked by the injuries caused by her husband. Waral was also taken to imprisonment for the crimes committed and failing to disclose the solid cause of the chaos.”

Sudanese Equatorial Deputy Chairman speaking on the violence caused by his community member

“I was raped before the eyes of my own children and husband, I don’t even see any meaning of life anymore.”

-H.W. A victim complaining on the recent insecurity situation in the camp

“The results of the survey were not ready yet and we can’t give information until we are granted permission from the Nairobi Office.”

National Programme Officer of mix me in WFP to KANERE reporter during the Mix Me end line survey.

“He was taken to the surgical toile on Wednesday the 19th and discharged 23rd May 28, 2010 from IRC Refugee hospital.”

-M.B. IRC nurse who was taking care of a 14 year old boy in the isolation ward at Refugee main

Hospital on the recent insecurity in the camp

“Refugees are in Kenya since before the independent and we welcome and cater for their security. As we are reassuring the protection and security for the refugees. We have opened police posts and there are patrols so we have peaceful environment.”

A Kenya Government Official makes a speech on the world refugee day at Kakuma

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