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Letter From The Editor June 2010

Posted in Letter from the Editor by KANERE on June 30, 2010

Dear our Respectable readers here and abroad,

We are humbly grateful to Almighty God for He has allowed us to reach this far on this our small planet. KANERE strongly apologies for this many months delayed publications of course for some reasons. Though this issues comes to your attention late we still believe that there are meaningful.

I thank the potential KANERE staff for their work until now despite the scenes we encountered in the course of early this year that got reported or are left out interrupting our normal routines, we have always believe in our strengths as we shall definitely keep on working towards ensuring the continuation of KANERE.

For over five months, life in Kakuma camp was remarked by several insecurity problems. In the late April to May there has been tremendous heavy down pour which caused camps flooded leading to several refugees thatched muddy wall shelters were washed away. A local Turkana boy and three Sudanese refugees died at the aggressive Kawalase seasonal flowing river which is approximately 1km to Lodwar town. In the refugee communities there had occurred few murder cases, several assaults and related serious Domestic violence cases reported.

In the world of the sport, the FIFA world cup taking place on the African soil for the first time, most camps movie halls, Tea and Coffee cafe’s here were over crowded as the football supporters and the fans feel for the game.

Being the great month in the world refugee calendar: thousands of the Kakuma refugees, International and national NGO Refugee Agencies with the concerned Kenya Government Departments taking a lead emerged at the Napata grounds to celebrate the world refugee day 2010.

The wider audiences out there keep your comments, thoughts and experiences alive. Address all the correspondences to myself at kakuma.news@gmail.com



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  1. Delfina said, on June 30, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    Hi. This is my first time readding you, and ever since I foud out about the Kakuma Refugee Camp by the movie The Lost Boys of Sudan two months ago may be, I´ve been thinking about this moment where Africa it´s being watched arround the world because of the FIFA World Cup meanwhile this camp as many others are not noticed either by the fans, suppoters, players…
    All I can say it´s that I follow the camp situation from Argentina, I talk about it with every one I know, that often say: hey, we have a lot to do here as well! Don´t know why, but some how I´m deeply interested in Africa´s situation, and about this camp in particular. I am not a doctor, not a politician, not a nurse, not a lawyer, I am a 31 years old woman, a single mother of two, a full time worker, that belives that we are citizens of the world, that your nationality or religion it is just a cultural belonging.
    All my love. Delfina.

  2. KANERE said, on July 2, 2010 at 6:24 am

    Hi Delfina,

    Thank you very much for reading KANERE and having concern about our situations. we do wish from camps here if we could be notified. we were also watching thesame stars dispate our distances, so the only way we could feel that we are in the same planet at this time. Thanks again about your publicity and we request your support from Argentina.


  3. Kuol said, on August 7, 2010 at 7:21 am

    Dear Kanere Editor,

    we all understand it needs suffering to live with the strong opposition but can some one support this magazine? I admire this work compare to the some kind of the work that were done by some rich organisations at kakuma????

    keep it up

  4. KANERE said, on August 10, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Hi, I think despite the routines of challenges that KANERE faced in some aspect towards its smooth operational activities; we are thankful to you for considering this Important!


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