Kakuma News Reflector – A Refugee Free Press


Posted in Arts by KANERE on June 29, 2010

Without expectations

ever imagination

spontaneously comes

ideas that breaks the silence

Stretched, like a thread.


Where they have been?

Where were they existing?

How it flows and originates?

Oh! I get them, once,

Once in a blue moon,

Only for seconds. surrendered me, to exploit

to expand, to philosophies

wisely, to understand human wise

To see, feel, sharing the feelings

Contradictory world.

i guess human is wise

his wise ness which brought total mess.

His deaf and dampness

makes one dear then other fosterness.

The philosophy intellectual

survival of the fitness

eat the weak,

rise as strong as lion,

terrorize and bark.

so as human being,


the old – early world

No body knows

where the idea comes,

experience, knowledge, intuitions

some time, some way

it comes to observe

some enjoy, others suffers….

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