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Posted in Arts by KANERE on June 29, 2010

By Jumbwike Sam

Seven and ten years have gone

Since young Loy

laid her intelligent brain down in death.

Upon the lips of commoners

who still in their memory

she stands head and shoulders above

the pack as a noble woman, true descendant

of the father, honest in every trust, had

charity for all and malice towards none.

To the refined she’s still the celebral woman,

strong willed in all aspects and

endowed with a power of intellect that could bring even the brightest of lawyers

to their knees.

Many a time i stand and think loudly

about the times we had, and surely we

found all the pleasure that life offered.

I recall with vivid imagery the dreams we

shared, the journeys we traveled together

with Allan, Lillian and Winnie, and all the harsh times we went through.

You might be gone, but from the spot

where you stood in our midst , a bright star

still shoots down on us,

Brightness remains and i will keep the candle burning.

May Your Sleep Be Sound?

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