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You Can’t Live Without Sorrow, But You Can Choose to Live a Happy Life

Posted in Opinion by KANERE on December 22, 2009

Anyone can feel truly happy in whatever circumstances they may encounter. Though we cannot control our environments or what happens around us, we can control what we choose to think about.

You could be a young man or woman and your perception of happiness is to find a special someone, get married and have a family. Or you could think that what would make you truly happy was acquiring a new car, getting a new job, making more money, graduating with a first class, going for an MBA, getting resettlement, or to be better looking.

Now just imagine what it would be like to have everything you thought would make you truly happy, then all of a sudden you fail to find happiness? I have shared with so many people who had it all, they were there, did it all but found nothing like happiness when they thought they would.

Others found their lives crashing down as they found themselves robbed of everything, divorced from their loves, forced from their homes, and others found themselves in concentration camps. Yet in the midst of this most unbelievable hell on earth, they claimed to find more true happiness in their lives now than when they were up.

Based on these experiences, I discovered that happiness is more a product of attitude than situation. Once you have a positive attitude you will always be happy even in the most difficult situations, but if your mind is filled up with negative attitudes, you will always see bad and end up unhappy even in the best of conditions.

We cannot always control our environment or what happens to us. We cannot even control how we feel, but we can control what we choose to think about. The more a person fills his or her mind with negative thoughts, the unhappier that person will become. So do not waste any time feeling controlled by hurt—you can chose to live a happy life.

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