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Quotes of the Month, December 2009

Posted in Quotes of the Month by KANERE on December 22, 2009

“I fear the man who shot me can still find me in the streets of Nairobi.”

-M.M., Darfurian refugee who fled insecurity in Kakuma Camp and is now in Nairobi

“The time to act is now. People won’t enjoy alcohol when our people are dying. After all, everybody is at risk.”

– Sudanese group leader on the recent cholera outbreak that caused public bars and eateries to close

“How it is great to see yourself out of the invisible enclosure made with barbed wire. How would feel if you are kept in such a place where you can’t see exactly where the outlet is?”

-Refugee poet in “Illusion”

“Why is it that instead of the UN getting tough on the promoters of wars like arms manufacturers and suppliers, it concentrates on their victims, the refugees? Why is it that the UN is less interested in dealing with the causes of wars than with their effects?”

-Refugee journalist on the question of the UN’s efficacy

“I have a good message to take back to Nairobi. The conditions are not favorable and there is pain, but I can also see there’s hope.”

-Mr. Jackson Wachira, the KISWCD principal, in a graduation ceremony speech at Kakuma

“When it comes to the issue of shelter, it was good at Daadab, but here [in Kakuma] we couldn’t even turn up. So we exchange our food rations for poles so as to erect tents with the materials.”

-N.R., a Somali new arrival to Kakuma and mother of three children

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