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Letter from the Editor December 2009

Posted in Letter from the Editor by KANERE on December 22, 2009

To all our readers here and abroad:

Hello again! On December 22nd 2009, the Kakuma News Reflector (KANERE) will celebrate its first year of existence. From the day of its creation until now, KANERE has done remarkable work in the fields of local news coverage, information sharing, and international correspondence. Many things have happened, and much has been said of our organization (see “KANERE in the News” for links).

Despite limitations to our smooth performance and operation, we are now polishing our shoes to step into the New Year.

During the last six months, life here in Kakuma Refugee Camp was marked by a few major changes and continuing uncertainty. While insecurity has persisted, one refugee man successfully thwarted an armed robbery by disarming the thugs. Thousands of Somali refugees were relocated to join us in Kakuma from Dadaab Camp; we welcome their arrival and ask them to join our communities and contribute their ideas to KANERE. On the health front, a cholera outbreak currently threatens thousands, and the controversial Mix-Me nutritional supplement is going through another round of testing.

I would like here to remember the unforgettable work done by the volunteer journalists, artists, editors, and supporters of KANERE. Their determination and patience sustained our good efforts and kept the free press alive during the difficult incidents encountered in the course of this year.

A special thanks goes out to all our supporters wherever they may be in the world, because their support has assured us that our work is meaningful and that others are watching. We hope that these connections will strengthen and grow through the next year ahead of us.

I welcome your comments, contributions, and experiences from all over the planet. Please direct all correspondence to myself at Kakuma.news@gmail.com

Happy holidays to all, and a prosperous New Year 2010!


The KANERE Editor

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