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Sudanese Anxious on Their Repatriation

Posted in Humanitarian Services by KANERE on July 16, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 5-6 / May-June 2009

Some of the Sudanese refugees in kakuma refugee camp claim that they are not ready for repatriation.

It was in 2005 after many of years of bloody war between Sudan government and Sudan people for liberation front (SPLA) reached to an end. Often both party signed peace agreements in Kenya.

Thousands of Sudanese refugees in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and other parts of African countries had showed a great interest and since they have suffered and the long wish left unfulfilled.

The first official Sudanese repatriation started in 2005. This repatriation process involves three parties: UNHCR, Kenyan government and country of origin. According to the kakuma repatriation unit agent they supported 19,801 returned from Kenya out of 25,119 were spontaneously.

However, number of Sudanese refugees in Kenya, especially Equatorians signed residents claims that they are not ready for repatriation right now. According to the refugees they feel that they do not believe that they will be protected if they to right now.

Thy fear to twin life threat.” people say there is peace in Sudan but no peace . people are killed everyday in Sudan specially in our area eastern equatorial state, many villagers are killed and their cattle are rustled which is purposely organized by Sudan government in order to alleviate the meaning of durable peace which is a rearing to Sudan.” say Afatio Sudan refugee equatorial community member.

Another Sudanese refugee said it is true peace by two parties South Sudan SPLA and Sudan government but the implementation was not done. Clarifying his statement Thom said border demarcation and security arrangement and some of the agreement, which were, totally forgot to be implement. In general, the agreement remained in papers

Afatio still claim that UNHCR in one way or other forcing us to repatriate and agreement was signed

Kanere approached the repatriation agent for to confirm the concerns of such fear of Sudanese refugee. UNHCR, Kenya government and S.Sudan government agreed to repatriation activities and UNHCR to verify the peace of the country. “We can not repatriate refugees with out verification.” Said the agent.

“We believe there is real people who should not be delayed because of those who does not want. Therefore, we come with new strategy that individuals reach for going to receive the cash grant. “We are given cash money which is enough to repatriate them to the places in Sudan where they will stay for time being until they find their relatives and get other transportations up to the last destination. A lot of support will be given like supporting them with shelter materials and priority for the job opportunities.

On conclusions it has been observed that there is weakness on the side of the agencies on mobilization and creation of awareness to the refugees on the current situations of southern Sudan, so those individuals know what’s really happening back there.

Additionally, this is very important to Kenyan government to control illegal movement from southern Sudan to Kenya which influences the refugees from southern Sudan going back to their home land.

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  1. Fatima said, on January 5, 2016 at 2:32 am

    This log was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.
    Thaznks a lot!

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