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Local Turkanas Demonstrate

Posted in News Updates by KANERE on July 16, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 5-6 / May-June 2009

Local Turkanas Demonstrate.

“NBOTE must go, OMA must go in this 24hours” chanted furious protester from kakuma local turkana over what they call marginalization of the host community responding employment by the UNHCR and implementing agencies in kakuma camp, north western Kenya.

Anyway demonstration converged to the offices of the united nation high commissioner for the refugees and one of the Lutheran world federations and other implementing agencies on fourth may.

The protest, which resumed on the following day exalted into a violent collision between the police officers and the protestors leaving many people injured as was along reported by BBC Swahili service on the evening of 05/05/09.

Tension and fear spread all over kakuma refugee camp and it is neighborhood because UN and NGOs operations were brought to a grinding stand still.

No vehicles of UN or implementing agencies plied kakuma town for fear of being attacked and some service at the camp stopped the same day following the turmoil.

“They should also think about our problems. We are jobless. They are not giving jobs, instead they employ people from very far regions while we remain jobless a protester commended in an interview with kanere correspondent.


Despite dialogue between the UN, the local leaders and government official to bring the situation to normal, the full week as from 4th to 10 may remains uncertain is not logical because they should rather claim their rights from the government. “As we are here to serve the refugees.” LWF Humanitarian said.

After two weeks of discussion between the three parties, no settlement of the controversies was reached.

This come to affect as from 19th where by education sector closed doors “until further notice” and schools are closed.

We heard that the Turkana’s sent a threatening massages that our organization LWF should stop operating in the camp” an agency officer confirmed.

He added that even a list of “unwanted humanitarian workers was circulating

According to anonymous sources from the host community, they presume there officers contribute much to their misery by terminating contracts or denying jobs to the local Turkanas.

They should at least give the youth simple jobs such as cleaning or any job that does not requires much skills. Why should they recruit people from far away as 500km they can get them here EYINEI Samuel youth leader commended .

They even pay incentive like refugees to our people. This is total discrimination, another kakuma resident criticized. Notations are still under way in order to bring about a solution to the problems

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