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Comments on Distribution of Non-Food Services by NGOs in Camp

Posted in Community and Culture by KANERE on July 16, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 5-6 / May-June 2009

Comments on Distribution of Non-Food Services by NGOs in Camp.

I would like to commend LWF for distributing upgraded sanitary pads to the women in the camp.

By upgraded I mean the quality, unlike the past where they used to distribute tiny clothes with polythene linings inside, to make matters worse, the women were expected to re- use them, I don’t have to explain the gross procedure of making them usable again.

Anyway, they are doing a great job. One thing though, the next time, they plan to distribute panties, they should get the right sizes for everyone, how the hell do they expect a six year old girl to wear extra large panties, from what I know, we don’t have obese girls in the camp, at least not in the conditions we live in.

I am not complaining but it would be good if they distributed after every two months, I mean how do you give someone, a packet of eight pads and expect her to use it for more than one month, they are not re- usable! And I hope am making sense.

Now, now, one of these days, men are going to be forgotten in almost everything as women are being pampered and I am talking in reference to the camp situation. I know being dependent has killed our men’s ego but that’s how life is, here.

Still, there are those who work so hard that if God were strike today, they would be the richest. I assume that some stuff distributed could be of good use to them, lets say soap, come on, they don’t undergo menstrual cycle but they need to bath, how about they also get to be given underwear, its not only a woman’s thing you know.

I am already thinking of distribution of kids’ toys, but shit, as if it is not a necessity will come up so I better shut up.

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