Kakuma News Reflector – A Refugee Free Press

“At the Gate of My House”

Posted in Arts by KANERE on May 12, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 4-5 / March-April 2009

As I stand

My hut behind.

Stand still

All pass by.

The wind blows

Air cools, the sky…

As I stand

Stare at the sky

Watching the clouds

Far up high—

Waiting the rain,

The rain fall

After years’ time.

As I stand

Listening the radio

Gazing and


The world counts

Utilize each second

For me—will the rain, eventually, rain?

Yes, at any time

Perhaps—splash of rain

Wash the sorrow clear the pain,

Mend the broken bone,

Fractured in vain.

Clear the fearful tears

That drop for years

In boredom days

Of monotony events.

As I think

And self-contemplate—

What would go in future?

—What goes behind.

Those days of scorching sun—

Would it change to rain

To make our days fine?

As I stand in front of

My house, plastic sheet room

Days born for me gloom

Days grown gloom:

Only hoping slight by

Waiting furiously

Confront the cloud

It is crawl and proud.

Unable to move

Even a walk or step—

Freeze in day-dark

As if nightmare—

No word to utter, I scare

As memory stabbed me;

Leaving untraceable scar,

in the mind.

Stand still, me front,

my house behind.

To breathe the feeling and cold

Make fresh the mind

Joy penetrates to soul

As the old songs make me cool

Made me smile.

As I stand

A drop of rain reaches ground

Sprinkle rain wet our land.

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