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Community Talking Point: What do You Think of a Refugee Free Press?

Posted in Community and Culture by KANERE on February 28, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 3 / February 2009

KANERE talks to community members on the latest hot topic: What do you think about the refugee free press? The perspectives of locals, refugees, and internationals weave a diverse fabric of public opinion.

Gathering to talk in the Somali Community

Gathering to talk in the Somali Community

Hussein, Ethiopian Oromo Community Leader


“We really appreciate KANERE so much. It’s going to bring a bright future into the refugee camp. Every person who is concerned with the refugee situation is blocked. KANERE will be a bridge that we may cross to enjoy a better standard of life with respect to human rights for the rest of humanity.”

Qaabata, Primary School Teacher and Journalist

KANERE is an alternative news media and community-based organization. Refugees have a right to voice their reaction to the rest of the world. KANERE is a refugee free press that is run by the refugees. There should be fair public debate in information sharing to create an open society, so that refugees’ voices and their life situations should be known by the rest of the world.”


Halima, Somali Ogaden Community Leader

“It’s a very important initiative. Everything is provided in Kakuma by the NGOs, like food and medical care, but we are lacking media. We leaders will support KANERE and nothing can stop us.”


John, LWF security personnel and local from Nadapal Village

KANERE helps the refugees and host community to integrate and share the common responsibilities. My life is fair but for refugees it is fluctuating-in refugee communities there are some asylum seekers, while others pursue resettlement or repatriation, so this is a short time frame.”


Mayar, LWF Child Protection staff from the Dinka Community

“I have been in the camp for ten years. As refugees we seek refuge and protection, but life is just tolerance due to many limiting factors, like insecurity, lack of freedom of movement. KANERE is a big opportunity for the entire refugee community and I’ll request for awareness!”


Fatumah, business woman from the Somali Community

“I arrived in Kakuma in 1992. A refugee has no meaning for living…I’ve not seen journalists before today. I think this is a good chance for refugees! I’ve been living in the camp for all this many years. If I’d have some more money I’d have escaped from this camp, but since I’m poor I don’t know whether I’ll die here!”


Jarso, refugee from the Ethiopian Oromo Community

“Refugees cannot live by themselves, so we depend on UNHCR for everything. Life in the community doesn’t have any meaning, everything is always the same. I like KANERE-it’s a great opportunity when refugees’ problems are known. I do appreciate the work done by KANERE from my heart.”


Abass, Somali Chairperson and Community Leader

“I arrived in Kakuma Refugee Camp in 1992 from Dadaab and experienced all the difficult situations of the camp. I lacked human rights for a long period of time. I knew these human rights had been stolen from me. Now that KANERE is born and it’s growing very fast, I believe I’ll get my rights back or returned to me slowly.”


Community cartoon by a secondary school student

Community cartoon by a secondary school student

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