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New Chairman Elected to Kakuma Water Association

Posted in Kakuma Town and Kenya by KANERE on December 22, 2008

Volume 1, Issue 1 / December 2008

The general election of the Kakuma Water Association was successfully conducted on the 13th of December, 2008. The maturity period of this election was early according to the constitution, and was prompted by the fact that the office is currently running without paid officials. The acting chairman, Mr. Mohamed, has been serving on a voluntary basis since the former chairman was asked to resign.

The former chairman expressed his views at the meeting and requested officials to give him feedback as to why he was given a suspension letter. The officials could not give a clear and elaborated answer, but they continued to insist for an election. The former chairman opposed this action as the constitution says an election should only be conducted if one has died or resigns from office. People remained full of questions and there was suspense as to why the election was conducted.

The District Officer (D.O.), Mr. Eric Wanyonyi, was chairman of the meeting and the councilors and chiefs were present. The D.O. called off the former members and declared the seat vacant. The two aspirants contesting for these seats were both well behaved and friendly. No misconduct was reported in that matter.

The D.O. asked both aspirants to speak to the people and share their interests in the office. Mr. Mohamed, the acting chairman, read out his manifesto and said he would like people to have water continuously, not only once a day. He also wanted people to give support to the office so that he can achieve what he intends for the people of Kakuma in improving their water system. The other aspirant shared his views and spoke of the same.

The D.O. led the election democratically, free and fair with the entire processes observed by the aspirants, voters, and observers to ensure transparency. The “mlolango system” (in which voters physically queue in a line behind the candidate they support) was accepted over a secret ballot system. Secret ballots were disregarded as being too time consuming, and illiteracy and lack of stationary also posed problems for such a ballot. The process went on smoothly and the winners were announced by the D.O. Mr. Mohamed Nur won as chairman, Pasto Ngakipi won as vice chairman, Mr. Calisters won as secretary, Mrs. Rodha won as vice secretary, and Mrs. Sarah Kaleng son as treasurer. People congratulated the new board and urged them to be committed to the community and to render full services to the wananchi (citizens).

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