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Just Imagine that Every Minute…

Posted in Arts by KANERE on December 22, 2008

Volume 1, Issue 1 / December 2008

Just imagine that at least every minute…

Someone loses life to the Almighty Jah,

Someone gives an everlasting vow to a loved one,

Someone agonizes over losing her boyfriend or husband to another woman,

Someone struggles between agonies of labor pains,

Someone takes in his or her first breath on this earth,

Someone suddenly pulls a triggers and takes a life,

Someone decides that he can no longer love you…


Someone gets his or her very, very crucial parts amputated…Oh oh,

Someone makes a bet on a large sum of money,

Someone wishes her uterus was out because—Gal talk!!

Someone dreams of marrying you,

Someone makes a smile on a special thought,

Someone fantasizes he/she were in your shoes,

Someone chops his/her silly head off,

Someone is always wishing to get resettled abroad,

Someone…someone they may never end…

Think of many others because they are endless.

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  1. Emilie O said, on January 13, 2009 at 7:20 am

    This brings tears to my eyes. Something that I can only begin to comprehend happens every day in places far from my home.

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